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Let’s join forces to empower your customers, generate additional revenue and set your business apart with the most powerful tool to manage alumni relations.

Gradsgate Partner Success  Program Types

Our partners are integral part of our vision. Gradsgate connects institutions with their alumni and provides simple tools to manage and engage thier community. Together we are a great match.

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You recommend one Gradsgate to your institution or anyone who is engaged in alumni management, and we pay you a commission for every deal we close. It’s as simple as that. We even give you marketing materials to show your clients what Gradsgate can do—all you have to do is send them our way.
Our Referral Program is the perfect anyone who has contacts and influence in education sector. Here’s how it works: You use our marketing materials to show your clients or contacts all that Gradsgate can do. Then you send them our way and we do the rest. That’s it. No closing the sale, migrating their data, or providing support. We’ll pay you a referral commission for every deal that closes.
Collaboration is no longer an empty rhetoric, it has become the heart & soul of businesses. We at Gradsgate believe in working together with our reseller partners to further enhance our products reach.
You can become a reseller partner with Gradsgate by referring our unique product to different clients and when they sign-up for the paid subscriptions for a minimum period of one year then we offer our partner a recurring commission.
Gradsgate developer program gives developers across the world an opportunity to develop and integrate their products into our Platform.
Developers can leverage our open API to build powerful apps and integrations and then market their solution through the Marketplace to educational institutions around the world.

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Gradsgate is an evelutionaray alumni management software that empowers schools and universities alumni relations.